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​​​​​​​​​​​​​YogaOne  Classes

Basic 1:  Brand new to yoga?  THIS is the class for you!  Students will learn safe alignment in fundamental yoga postures while slowly building strength, flexibility and balance in the body.  The mind-body breath connection will be introduced.  This class is for ANY BODY-TYPE REGARDLESS OF LEVEL OF FITNESS.  Seasoned yoga practitioners are always welcome to join this class for a slow and mindful refreshment of the fundamentals.   65 mins.

Level 2:  Our Level 2 class will teach students to incorporate flow between yoga postures, utilizing ongoing breath-to-movement connection.   Teachers will offer options to build more sensation in strength and balance postures.  Deeper stretches will offer our bodies a chance to slowly increase flexibility.  Some previous yoga experience is required for this class.  65 mins

Level 3:  This class enhances our students' abilities to reach new levels of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance and peace in both yoga poses and practice.  The class is very diverse, includes many options, and leaves room for all students to find individuality in their own practices. Experienced yoga practitioners, NO beginners please.  75 mins.​ 

Levels 2+3:  This dynamic class will provide options for any Level 2 and Level 3 students in attendance.  Experienced yogis, no beginners please.  65 mins.

Chair Yoga:  Our chair class is specifically designed for our students who would like to practice Yoga but need the assistance of a chair.  Any Medicare cardholders can participate for only $4 per class.  Offered 2 mornings per week.  New students are welcome in this class. 50 min.

Meditative Yoga:  This class incorporates elements of various meditation traditions with a space to explore interesting shapes and yogic body movements. Through this process themes such as awareness, mindfulness, energetic flow, and integration of various stress management techniques tend to guide the intentionality of practice.  Anyone can attend this practice. 65 mins.

Vinyasa Express:  This invigorating class will energize your body and calm your mind.  Vinyasa flow, Sun Salutations, and more.....followed by delicious stretches ending with relaxation. 55 mins.

Tai Chi:  Tai Chi is a Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of low impact movement.  This class involves a standing series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner, promoting serenity and meditation.  Some hands-on energy work is included in this class.  All levels of fitness are welcome. Please wear a low profile sneaker.  60 mins.

Restorative Yoga:  The principle of Restorative Yoga is that support provides release.  Using props such as bolsters and blankets, students “receive” the yoga pose rather than “do” the pose and can relax into full physical and mental release. New students are welcome in this class. offered the first and fifth Fridays of each month 65 mins. 

Yin / Restore Yoga:  Yin is a slow-paced yoga style whereby poses are typically held for 3-5 minutes with some usage of props. Moderate stress is applied to connective tissues, tendons and ligaments, increasing circulation in the joints, promoting flexibility, and preventing injury. This quiet practice compliments yang (active) yoga styles and incorporates some Restorative for physical release.  New students are welcome in this class.  60 mins.