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​​I came to Yoga One with chronic pain and unable to endure much physical exercise. After only a few classes in, I felt better physically and emotionally. The studio is very beautiful and peaceful and I'd recommend Yoga One to anyone looking for better health and mental and emotional balance in their life.  ~Jean Irvin

Yoga is a practice I have always been interested in and just a few months ago I had the opportunity to start attending classes at YogaOne. While I am still just a "beginner"....the YogaOne experience has been awesome. I was a bit apprehensive to begin classes, but that feeling was gone after my first class. The atmosphere at YogaOne combined with (Vicki's) genuine approach & skillful expertise really help you to understand and experience the total mind and body impact of Yoga. I'm eager to cultivate my yoga practice....I truly think it has a positive impact both physically and psychologically.   ty:-)   ~Kathy

Three years prior to starting at YogaOne I had to discontinue training in Martial Arts because it was just too hard on my 60 year old body. I was also dealing with severe pain in my knees and had tried surgery, physical therapy and pain medication just to be able to walk my dog. Within three months of yoga training I no longer take pain meds or even see an orthopedic doctor. From the moment I walked into YogaOne I knew I was right where I was supposed to be. All of the instructors made me feel so welcomed and Vicki is so professional and maintains a calm, spiritual atmosphere in the studio. I love the way my body not only feels but also the way it looks. Emotionally I am so much calmer than I was before and have learned how to enjoy the moment. 
~Patti Raasch 

I am so happy to have found such a warm and welcoming studio to help me in developing a yoga practice.  The teachers and students make YogaOne very special.     Jen B.

I only attended for a short period of time and plan on going back as soon as I can. Almost immediately, I noticed a postive change in my overall focus and outlook on daily activities that typically caused me stress. It was no surprise when I stopped attending, I noticed those stressors were back again.  ~Melissa

When I attended my first Basic Yoga class I was so inflexible…..I never thought I would ever do a second class.  In no time I advanced to Multi-Level classes.  Yoga is essential.     L.W.

Yoga One is like home. It is a warm studio with warm teachers. This is probably the reason I stay.  Since practicing yoga I am have become calm. I am more at peace and balanced. When feeling crazy and stressed (which is very often) I have learned ways to de-stress and relax.  From practicing yoga for so many years I am more flexible. This helps me in my other sports activities. Yoga is so good for the soul as well. I enjoy sharing what I have learned in yoga and love it when I can get someone to start yoga just by telling them how great it is for you.  Yoga One is a great place to go.
~Kelly Strugala

I think Yoga has helped with some of medical issues. I'm not very good yet, but I do see some improvements in myself. I think it is one of the best things I could do for myself.  ~Beth

Love YogaOne!! The best yoga studio I’ve found in many years.  Thank you!!    Judy Y.

So far, I have found better balance, less discomfort when reaching and stretching when doing housework and other activities. I would recommend the Silver Sneakers classes to all Seniors. Also, I have asthma, leg knee and back pain and have found I am better able to handle and control these health inconveniences. ~Teresa Granieri

The studio is very welcoming and a positive space to practice in.  I would highly recommend it to anyone!!   R.S.

Vicki and Raj, I want you to know how thankful I am for all you do to bring us the practice of Tai Chi.  It adds strength and peace to my life and I am so grateful!  Celeste F.

Soon after I began practicing at YogaOne, my husband died suddenly from a heart attack. Needless to say, that was an extremely difficult time for me. I increased my yoga practice to every day ( when possible), and I am not certain that I would be surviving as I am without it. While my yoga practice helps to keep me in the present moment and thinking positively, the teachers at YogaOne exude such warmth and kindness creating a very safe and comfortable atmosphere. Coming to the studio is one of the highlights of my day.  ~B.C.

I will practice yoga for the rest of my life.     L.D.

Yoga brings me back to a center that feels comfortable, comforting and new each and every week. The past few years have be tumultuous and Yoga has been the place where peace, reflection and mindfulness abide always. Gratitude to Vicki for starting this journey nearly 7 years ago in a cramped, noisy room filled with a joyful release.  ~S.H.

Such an amazing place to calm your mind and body… Irma rocks!!     Christiana K.

Yoga has helped me in so many ways. My aches and pains are better. I'm calmer, more centered and have more energy!  ~P.W.

Yoga has become the essential center of my mornings---what a marvelous discovery!   Kim C.

Yoga has helped me gain confidence in my body and the breathing has helped me off the mat to stay focused and calm when needed day to day.  ~R.M.

When I noticed that a new yoga studio opened, I was immediately interested in attending. YogaOne offered classes which fit my busy schedule and was close to home. My husband also started attending. We both felt welcome immediately. YogaOne offered what we were looking for; great classes and a strong sense of community. We have been practicing Yoga there ever since. YogaOne offers the "warmth" of people and "space" to decompress. After a long day at work "sitting" at a desk, my peace comes after concluding my day at YogaOne. I always feel better at the conclusion of class and walk out with a sense of calm that I did not have walking in.  ~Maryann

I am in awe of being in the presence of people like Raj and Irma who are so genuine with such beautiful spirits.  It's so special to be able to be apart of the Zen-ness that is created in the Studio.  ~L.L.

I started yoga as a way to help me become more flexible so I could continue to enjoy my other hobbies golf and tennis, I was not expecting it to become my favorite pass time. I was nervous at first that I wouldn't be able to hold the poses but YogaOne studio is such a not judgmental environment they made me feel at ease right away. I had the opportunity to take advantage of the unlimited class offer and I got to sample all the different classes offered, with a variety of instructors each bringing a different "twist" to the session. I recommend this to anyone thinking of starting, I now know which class best suits my needs. I'm 3 months into my Yoga journey I can't imagine life with out it thanks so much to Vicki and her team!  ~J.R.

Very welcoming atmosphere…..teachers are very knowledgeable and personable and classes are very organized. JM

Yoga has brought a sense of calm to my otherwise chaotic world. It has provided me with tools to apply to a variety of situations which may have the potential to rattle the nerves. It has put me more in control of my surroundings and circumstances as I relate to the teachings of control of breath/poses. As an added bonus, I have met some like-minded and interesting acquaintenances at YogaOne that I look forward to connecting with each week.  ~G.F.